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Pimp My Aplhas...

Pimp My Alphas


I’ve taken a $200 second Daiwa Alphas 103 and turned it into a pimped out, custom painted bad arse baitcaster. When I say I, I mean I sent it to Geneo’s Kustoms with a bag of new parts and he did his magic on it. Thanks Geneo! Let’s take a look at some of the pics from its first photo shoot and have a brief look at what went on in the overhaul process.


Let’s Get Started

I sent the reel to Geneo as is. He broke it down into its many parts, gave it a good clean and inspection, then left the parts there ready to assemble once the reel frame was painted. Colour choice for the frame was a fall back to my favourite colour, blue. In this case we went with Aurora Blue the same colour as my Ford Ranger. Does it match my Ranger? Absolutely. If i put it on the bonnet of my car it blends, all you can see is the line, the handle, and the red knobs.


Let’s Swap

There’s no point making the reel look hot if it’s not going to function than it did before. To do this we replaced a bunch of new parts. Here’s what we did with an approximation on what the parts cost.


80mm Daiwa RCS Carbon Handle ($120)

Daiwa RCS Red Knobs ($50)

Boca Bearings ABEC 7 Orange Seals ($45)

Carbontex Drag ($8)

Bearing upgrade for worm drive ($8.50)

Daiwa Alphas R Edition Star Drag ($25)


The end result is a reel that look great, and based on in-the-hand cranking and free-spooling function better and smoother than it did before. The next step is to see how it performs in the field.


Stay tuned to see how that goes. - 17th April 2013

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