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GK in the Media...

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Lure and Fly - Secret Shopper...

Posted on 18 January, 2017 at 19:00

Painting lures and reels is something I have personally done in the past and the Seeto boys have dabbled with it in the past. I wouldn’t say I was bad but in the same breath it wasn’t awesome either. It is definitely a skill that has a learning curve thats takes not only time to master but the money to buy good equipment. I went the cheap arse route and I would say the hardware (airbrush, compressor etc.) would have cost me about $400 before you even start to buy chemicals, paint and other knick knacks needed. The point I’m getting to is that I have some idea of how it works and the steps needed to get to the finished product.


Since the “pimping” craze has started here in Aus (it’s been a thing for a while in the USA) I really haven’t seen anything that I thought I couldn’t do myself. Obviously it might take me a bit longer but I could still get it done. That was until I started seeing some of the Geneo Kustoms stuff kicking around Facebook and the internet. I could tell immediately by the even, glossy finish, the fine lines and the colour fades that there was some skill involved behind them.


To be clear from the very start, I don’t know Gene from Adam and he has no idea I am writing this and probably won’t until it is published. I didn’t give him my full name or tell him where I was from. So to him I was a totally regular punter who sent some lures in to be painted. More that that, I deliberately wrote a fairly vague letter about what I wanted and I sent him what I would consider a smallish order of only 13 lures. In short, not what you would consider a “good” customer or at least not one you would go out of your way for.


In the end it took a little more than a week from when I sent them from the post office to when they arrived in my mailbox, which when you consider probably two days each way in the post I consider to be extremely fast. I know you hear it all the time on Facebook that “you can’t appreciate how good they are in the flesh from the photos” but it’s true. I was quite honestly blown away by how professional these lures now look. You could imagine any of them coming straight out of an expensive Japanese box. They are all finished in a glossy clear coat and what really amazes me is I cannot find any overspray anywhere. I used to put masking tape and blu-tac to stop overspray which worked fine but was very time consuming. I am honestly impressed and don’t know how he does it quick enough for it to be economically viable.


In the future I will definitely send Geneo Kustoms more lures and I could honestly see inventive Aussieanglers coming up with colour patterns that may even get picked up by major lures producers for use in the Australian market because lets face it, we use colour schemes made up in Japan and the USA for the most part and having someone able to make something that our fish really go bananas for is a real possibility. - August 2013

Gk lures the votes...

Posted on 19 September, 2014 at 20:00

GK wins "Best Stand" at The Lure & Fly Expo 2014

Australian Lure & Fly Expo - 9th-10th August 2014

My Cranky Side...

Posted on 15 September, 2014 at 20:00

Angling-Addictons Gets Cranky with GK

Geneo from Geneo Kustoms has done it again spraying up a bunch of flat sided cranks to satisfy my crank fix. These lure not only look great but they catch fish big time, in fact the bigger of the two sooties on the November issue of QFM was caught on the striped version. Love these guys.


           - 25th October 2013

GK at The Lure & Fly Expo 2013...

Posted on 15 September, 2014 at 20:00

GK's First Lure Expo

Meeting some of our customers for the first time and dipping our toes into the expo experience.

Fernvale - 8th & 9th June 2013

A New Lease on Life...

Posted on 15 September, 2014 at 1:05

A new lease on life – Geneo Kustoms



I recently sent an old reel and a few banged up lures down to Geneo Kustoms to get a new lease on life and I was very happy with the service I received.


First up I had an old white Daiwa Emeraldas 2506 which was a little worse for wear. With scratches, a yellow tinge in the original paint job, and the reel feeling like a coffee grinder after a couple of years of work, it was looking and feeling like she was ready to retire. For $150 I received a full service and a new paint job and now the reel feels as good as new with a fresh custom look about it. I loaded it up with 12lb Toray Super Strong Braid which matches the new theme perfectly!



I also sent a few banged up lures down which had been through the wars and had them resprayed.


Realis Vibration 62



Realis Jerkbait 100sp



Realis Crank 48sr



Realis Shad 59mr



Overall I am very happy with the service I received, all the paintwork is top notch, the prices were very reasonable and with a quick turnaround time to boot. I can highly recommend Geneo for any paintwork you want done after my experience with him, if you have some banged up lures or a reel that needs a touch up don’t hesitate in contacting him on his website here or on Facebook here.


The camera used was the Canon 5D Mk3 set on manual, Canon 100mm macro lens and a Canon 600EX-RT Speedlight.


Anyway that is all…


Thanks for reading! - 4th July 2013



Pimp My Aplhas...

Posted on 14 September, 2014 at 23:30

Pimp My Alphas


I’ve taken a $200 second Daiwa Alphas 103 and turned it into a pimped out, custom painted bad arse baitcaster. When I say I, I mean I sent it to Geneo’s Kustoms with a bag of new parts and he did his magic on it. Thanks Geneo! Let’s take a look at some of the pics from its first photo shoot and have a brief look at what went on in the overhaul process.


Let’s Get Started

I sent the reel to Geneo as is. He broke it down into its many parts, gave it a good clean and inspection, then left the parts there ready to assemble once the reel frame was painted. Colour choice for the frame was a fall back to my favourite colour, blue. In this case we went with Aurora Blue the same colour as my Ford Ranger. Does it match my Ranger? Absolutely. If i put it on the bonnet of my car it blends, all you can see is the line, the handle, and the red knobs.


Let’s Swap

There’s no point making the reel look hot if it’s not going to function than it did before. To do this we replaced a bunch of new parts. Here’s what we did with an approximation on what the parts cost.


80mm Daiwa RCS Carbon Handle ($120)

Daiwa RCS Red Knobs ($50)

Boca Bearings ABEC 7 Orange Seals ($45)

Carbontex Drag ($8)

Bearing upgrade for worm drive ($8.50)

Daiwa Alphas R Edition Star Drag ($25)


The end result is a reel that look great, and based on in-the-hand cranking and free-spooling function better and smoother than it did before. The next step is to see how it performs in the field.


Stay tuned to see how that goes. - 17th April 2013

Gk in The Sunday Mail...

Posted on 14 September, 2014 at 22:45

GK in The Sunday Mail...

The Sunday Mail - 14th April 2013

Paul Jankowiak & Geneo Kustoms...

Posted on 20 August, 2014 at 3:55



Deep crankbaits were also the theme for at least one of the days of Paul Jankowiak (10/10, 7.58kg), non boater champion for the event. It was a sweet victory for the debutant non boater who admittedly ‘just went along to learn some techniques and meet the guys’.


“I’m stoked with the experience and couldn’t have drawn two better boaters – Ian Brown and Lex Court, who was fishing his first ABT as a boater after graduating from the non-boater ranks.


“I fished Ecogear ZX30 (419) and VX40 (439) on mid-lake banks with a short, sharp hop with Ian and the bream really hit the baits hard. We were catching four or five undersized fish for each legal bream,” Paul reported.


“Day two with Lex I fished pimped (by Geneo Kustoms) Crankas (shallow and deep) and Hurricane Fattys in a custom purple crab colour and the bream loved them.”


Paul estimated he landed around a dozen legal bream on the Sunday banging these cranks into the bottom in shallower water in the bottom lake near Fairhaven.


A Millerods custom Control Freak rod, Shimano CS2000S Twinpower reel, 10lb Sunline Castaway and 2lb Sunline VHard leader delivered Jankowiak the win and a spot in the Gippsland Lakes final.


“I fish the Lakes a lot so I’m looking forward to that event,” Paul finished. - 23rd February 2013

Warren Carter hooks up with GK...

Posted on

Carter at 'Coota

Queensland Fishing Monthly - July 2014

Challenging The Standard in QFM...

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Simon Goldsmith talks GK

Queensland Fishing Monthly - July 2013