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What The…

               Geneo Kustoms

Conceived amid frustration and boredom, due to It’s Fathers’ physical injury, Geneo Kustoms was born 6 years ago on the sun-baked hills of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Like any newborn, it had plenty to learn and was eager to begin.


Affectionately named GK by It’s parents, Geneo & Niki, it was nurtured and raised with core family values that focussed on respect, quality and individuality. Add to this the awareness of not only developing these traits for itself but of offering these vital qualities to others It encounters in this life.


GK tentatively took It’s first steps but like most toddlers was off and running faster than It’s feet could keep up. It stumbled a little but learnt from experience that slow and steady sometimes catches the best fish. So relying on It’s Father’s decades of knowledge within the automotive painting industry and It’s Mother’s diverse talents, It ventured forth into the world and with every step, every new idea, came new and exciting creations.


GK was in the blush of youth – Forming, adapting and improving It’s craft. Challenging the standards at every opportunity, making friends within the industry, on Facebook and Instagram and creating a stir amongst fishermen and their prey alike.


With the guidance of It’s Godfathers – Chris, Clay, Stan, Toby and Westy… GK continued to develop It’s talents, pushing boundaries and striving to create cutting-edge designs and encourage anglers to think outside the tacklebox when it came to their own lure and reel colour vision.


The possibilities are endless… For GK and the fishermen and women of Australia.


One thing is certain…


Wherever fisherman crunch across sand,

navigate rocks

wade into water and

launch boats –


GK will be there!!!


For as long as the currents ebb & flow and the waves lap the shore –


GK will be there!!!


Wherever there’s a lonely rum bottle –


GK will be there!!!


For such a youngster, GK has made It’s mark already… Quite literally… It’s mark is on the side of every piece of GK art, be it lures or reels.


During It’s youth, Gk has eagerly worked with or for many reputable Aussie companies – E J Todd, Ecogear, Jackall, JML, Daiwa Aust, Asakura, Busted, West Coast Poppers, Barrabass Tournament Rods, Duo Australia, Running Cre and Madeye Lures and has even flown the coop overseas doing a range for Temple Reef in California, USA.


As a teen, GK has broadened its horizons to take on the golfing world and is now producing awesome, eye catching golf club designs.


Also after a little time spent in basic training, at the Daiwa base, GK now has all the skills to service, repair and revamp fishing reels into not only high functioning battle gear but also cutting edge, works of art.


Bold, confident and proud, GK has popped up in all sorts of magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and now even has an entire website devoted to all things GK.


As time goes by it is obvious GK has a universal appeal to men, women and children due to Its ability to surprise It’s friends with new creations or unique designs to satisfy their thirst for individuality or a better chance at catching The Big One.


GK has become mates with almost 3000 anglers through Facebook and over 5000 on Instagram and yet, being the social butterfly it is, continues to meet & greet more every day. It’s been said that more than a few of them, upon receiving mail from GK, have been whipped into a frenzy of excitement about taking GK out on their next fishing expedition…


GK’s a popular fishing buddy.



These good friends, in years to come, will venture to many parts of this great country and indeed the world fishing with GK.


It seems there is no stopping the young whipper snapper...

There is no doubt that fish everywhere must get a tremor in their scales and breathe a little more rapidly through their gills at the thought of their first meeting with the Legend…


Geneo Kustoms

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